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From the Desk of Nic Peterson

Seattle, Washington

Jan 1 2021


What a time we're living in, huh?


2020 taught us a a lot and, if we've really been paying attention, the lessons of 2020 have far more to do with ourselves than the outside world. I wasn't planning on doing this again, but I think it's more necessary than ever to provide some clarity, perspective and an oasis of stability in uncertain I would like to invite you to.... 


The Very Last Nicsmas Experience



We're going to keep this simple. 


Between December 17th and 28th I spent 60-90 minutes each day presenting the most powerful lessons, stories and action items of 2020 and how they can make 2021 the best year ever for you.


It's time entrepreneurs stop skating on thin ice and build something powerful, meaningful and reliable. 


I pulled back the curtain to share the lessons, mistakes and tools from running my own companies and working with hundreds of business owners this year - some have thrived, some have pivoted and others have packed it up and moved on. 


We're going to explore the similarities, the differences and what it all means for you. The Internet Marketing crowd is not going to be happy with me for sharing this information. 




Enter your best information below to get the 12 powerful Nicsmas trainings, resources, bonuses and learn how to cut through the noise to make 2021 the best year ever for your business and your life. 


See you on the other side.




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